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The Clean, Green Rubbish Team!

We offer rubbish removal and demolition services to the Sydney CBD and surrounding suburbs.

Our staff consider safety and image to be of paramount importance and as such they are always dressed appropriately for the job at hand and carry all the necessary PPE and protection to ensure you and your property is safe.

We have two trucks capable of carrying 2tonnes each which have extended sides for a greater volume of material so that you get your moneys worth.

We have all of our own equipment including power tools, concrete cutters, grinders and jackhammers and bins with non marking wheels. Unlike some companies we use this equipment at no additional cost to you in rental fees.

We guarantee punctuality and will credit to you any duration time we are late to your final bill. ie we will work for free for the time we made you wait.

We are careful and clean up after ourselves. Demolition and rubbish removal does not need to be destructive, we take care to ensure that we don’t break anything or leave a mess behind.

We sweep up and pack up with the job done 100% every time or we will come back and complete the scope.

We provide free inspection and quotes electronically which can be accepted Online and paid for on completion with either cash or card.

How To Use Sydney City Rubbish?

Free Inspection and Quote

We provide obligation free, professional quotes electronically on the day of inspection which are able to be approved electronically. We are then able to commence usually within a days notice. We don’t charge exorbitant premiums for an urgent job.

Online Booking System

Use our online booking system to book in labour and rubbish removal quoted by the hour. At a time convenient for you. We are consistent in our pricing and delivery and there are no surprises when it comes to invoicing.

Licensed and Insured

We are licenced and insured and are able to provide this information on request for you or your Building. Don’t get caught out with dodgy operators who are not properly set up!

Responsible Disposal

Our aim is to treat your unwanted material with care to the environment and either, reuse, recycle or dispose of your waste lawfully.
We partner with registered waste recyclers and transfer stations to ensure that the material does not affect our beautiful city.

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