Office Strip Out and Defit

Office Strip Out and Defit

Most business owners overlook their obligations to make good (strip out or Defit) their office at the end of their lease. Its an important requirement which could mean loss of your holding deposit or unnecessary charges if not done right.

Some might think its a task to tackle themselves however you should consider the risks prior to embarking on such a venture. Building owners have strict requirements with how a strip out is conducted, timing and working hours, and approvals to proceed.

Often buildings require a business to carry out these works outside of normal working hours so that they do not disrupt other occupants.

Timing when carrying out a defit is of the utmost importance. You need to complete an agreed scope by an agreed time and to a great degree of quality so that it is accepted by your landlord.

For an office this usually means carrying out the following works;

  • Removal of all fittings and fixtures.
  • Strip out of all floor and wall finishes.
  • Take down all ceilings, lighting and features.
  • Reconfigure all services back to base building.
  • Repair ceiling grids, window mullions and perimeter walls.
  • Repair skirtings, doors, lessor fittings.
  • Repair or replace carpet.
  • Conduct a final clean.


Our Guarantee

Sydney City Rubbish does just that, we have been stripping out offices for 11 years and have our own tools, trucks, labour and equipment to get the job done quick. Above all we GUARANTEE our handover date and will pay you for any damages you suffer as a result of delay caused by us.

We offer risk free, fixed price office defits that wont change during the job. Our quotes are all inclusive and we guarantee you will get your bond back.

Who else guarantees their work! We are that confident.

Get in contact with us on (02) 9114 6007 for a visit and quote.

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