Residential & Household Rubbish Removal

Your home is a reflection of yourself, and with that in mind, we’re sure you want it to be in the best shape possible at all times. Maybe you’re undertaking an extensive renovation and you need to get rid of all the debris around your home, or maybe you’re just clearing up some space and need to get rid of large and awkward items that you’ve accrued over the years? Whatever the case, much of the time this job is going to be beyond your capabilities – and even if you can do it, it’s going to take up a great deal of your precious time, which could be spent more productively on other things. In these situations, our household rubbish removal here at Sydney City Rubbish is the perfect choice!


Our expert, experienced removalists have the skills and the equipment to handle any job, big or small, and we’re sure you’ll be impressed with how quickly and efficiently we’ll sort out your household rubbish collection, and leave your home spotless. With our two trucks, which are capable of carrying up to 2 tonnes each, plus the latest and most advanced tools such as power tools, concrete cutters, grinders, and much more, we’ll make short work of any household rubbish collection job.


What do we take, though? We’ll demolish and remove almost anything from your home, so take a look on the site to see just a few of the materials we’re able to get rid of for you. Maybe you’re wanting us to take large items such as furniture and mattresses away, or perhaps you’ve got a large amount of green, garden waste that needs to be disposed of quickly and efficiently? You could even have some hazardous materials and liquids that are dangerous to tackle yourself. In this case, rest easy, because our team is always prepared, and has the necessary protective equipment to make short work of these materials.


You might be concerned about where all of your rubbish is going, especially if you’re passionate about the state of the environment, but with our services there’s no need to worry. We’re all about sustainability here at Sydney City Rubbish, and we will treat your unwanted materials with the utmost care and respect towards the environment. Wherever possible, we will reuse or repurpose your items, and we take your goods to registered recycling depots to enable this. We also take all of the necessary precautions during a job to prevent any damage to the environment, such as sand bags and drain guards, which prevent waste material reaching the stormwater system. We allow you to get rid of your rubbish with a clear conscience!


Our household rubbish removal services are also kind to your wallet, and we’re sure you’ll struggle to find a more cost-effective solution in the Sydney area. We charge a fixed rate per cubic metre so you’ll only pay for what’s taken. If you want to get an idea of how much our services are likely to cost, have a look at our handy rubbish cost calculator on the site. We won’t hit you with any pesky hidden charges or additional fees – with us, we believe in being totally transparent throughout the process, and what you see is what you get. Just fill in the calculator with the items you need removing, and you’ll be given an estimate. If your items end up taking up less space than predicted, we’ll still only charge you the cubic metre rate.


If you’re still unsure about any aspect of our household rubbish removal and collection services, or you have a specific query, then feel free to get in touch today, and we’ll be happy to help. Don’t choose anyone else – Sydney City Rubbish is the perfect option for all of your needs! We look forward to taking care of all your rubbish related problems, making your life a whole lot easier, and helping you achieve a spotless home that you can be proud of.