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Quality service doesn’t have to cost the earth, at least not here at Sydney City Rubbish. If you want an estimate of just how affordable our rubbish removal prices are, then you’re in luck, because here on this page we’ve got a handy solution in the form of our rubbish removal cost calculator.


The rubbish removal cost calculator is a quick and easy way of estimating what your junk removal cost is going to be. Simply enter the items and quantities that you need us to remove for you below, and then fill out your details and any message you’d like to provide. You’ll then get an estimate – but don’t worry, even if the items take up less space than anticipated we still only charge by the cubic metre, so you won’t lose out.


Try the calculator now – we’re sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our super low rubbish removal prices. If you get the same quote from any competitors, we’ll even reduce it by 5%, so what are you waiting for?!