Rubbish Removal Prices in Sydney


The price of rubbish removal often varies depending on the quantity, the type of rubbish, its location and if it is mixed or separated. The price for removal of hazardous materials or liquids is also higher depending on quantities and the type of material.

The EPA regulate the disposal of materials in NSW and they put the responsibility on the waste transfer stations and local tips to do the right thing and separate these items.

In order to recover their costs, the waste transfer stations and tips impose additional fees for items which are difficult to manange for example;

  • Insulation
  • Asbestos
  • Liquids (paints, solvents)
  • Heavy Materials (Bricks, steel, concrete) if not separated
  • Mattresses and ensembles
  • Dusty loads

If you want to save money and reduce the price of your rubbish removal requirement, you are best to consider the items above and separate them prior to pickup and notify your rubbish removal provider in advance so they may quote the price prior to pickup. This will avoid any unexpected surprises and increase in price when they arrive.

If you have a load which contains the items above call us on (02) 91114 9727 and we will advise the most economical way to dispose the items which will help keep the price down.

To get a quote online for ordinary waste please visit our Rubbish Removal Cost Calculator HERE.